This project includes the annual repaving of McAllen Roadways City-wide. The scope consists of a milling crew that removes one inch of existing asphalt, either entirely along the street, or about six feet from the gutter. The milling crew also repairs any signs of base failure, which is responsible for potholes. Next, the paving crew uses a Hot in Place recycling method which heats and scarifies existing pavement to a one inch depth, applying a recycling agent to restore viscosity of the aged asphalt. This material is mixed and laid to form a leveling course, over which a new one inch asphalt mat is placed and compacted.

Construction Company:          Cutler Repaving, Inc.
Original Contract:                     $ 1,303,803.15
Original Contract (Days):          100 Working Days

Construction Status:  : During the month of March, the project reached 98% Completion.

repaving project