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Mexican tourists stuck in 3-hour waits on bridge McAllen personnel to hand out water at Anzalduas

by Public Information Office | May 01, 2014

Northbound lanes on the Anzalduas International Bridge were backed up 2-3 hours Thursday morning as thousands of Mexicans tourists poured into the Rio Grande Valley for the Mexico Labor Day holiday weekend.


The long lines have prompted City of McAllen personnel, for the second time in as many weeks, to hand out water to those waiting on the Anzalduas Bridge. Personnel will walk or use golf carts to travel up and down the vehicle lanes on the bridge to deliver some comfort to those waiting. The choke point for the thousands of vehicles and families is the northbound federal check points.


Mexican nationals make up about one third of retails sales in McAllen, according to McAllen Chamber of Commerce. Often, these retail tourists visit McAllen and the region on long weekends and holidays such as Semana Santa, or Easter Week, or May 1, Labor Day in Mexico and many other countries.

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