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City, MPU, and County Officials announce drinking water is safe after reports from Mexico about contaminates

by Public Information Office | May 02, 2014

The City of McAllen, McAllen Public Utility and Hidalgo County Officials held a news conference to announce McAllen's drinking water is safe. The city will take every precaution concerning Mexico's petrol contamination products in the Rio Grande River. We will keep you informed about conditions next week.

News Conference Talking points from Roel "Roy" Rodriguez, P.E., Interim City Manager:

  • As of today, we have received no evidence that the water from the Rio Grande is unsafe.


  • TCEQ sampled three locations along the Falcon Reservoir


  • Samples were also taken at the confluence of the Falcon reservoir and Rio Salado.


  • There is no indicators of contamination – which includes color, odor or affected wildlife


  • Nearby Potable Water Suppliers (PWS) were contacted, and again, none of them indicated any change in raw water quality.


  • Let me point out something very important – PWS is filtered and treated


  • TCEQ is sending notice in order to ensure these PWS pay extra attention to testing and treatment


  • The TCEQ along with City of McAllen and Hidalgo County, out of an abundance of caution is doing what we believe is necessary to ensure your safety.


  • Because of the uncertainty of the information, TCEQ is conducting, as we are a broad spectrum of tests.  These tests require time.


  • In McAllen, we are testing 3 times per day, at the most upstream intake that we have.


  • Especially testing for Volatile Organic Carbons (petroleum based)


  • We have received authority from a district further west, to sample at his intake.


  • That means that we are able to sample and advise if there is contamination.


  • The McAllen PUB is currently filling all three reservoirs to capacity and will continue to do so.


  • Please keep in mind, most of the water goes to irrigation and watering.



From all of the data we have available to this point, our drinking water is safe.


IBWC, TCEQ, HIDALGO COUNTY, AND THE CITY OF MCALLEN will continue to do all possible to 1) ensure the safety of our public 2) provide notice, as soon as we have it, if and when there is a problem.


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