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Updates about McAllen and Street Closures due to flooding

by Public Information Office | Sep 03, 2014

To view latest update about the City of McAllen watch the story with Public Works Director Carlos Sanchez, P.E.:

As of 1 pm, Street Closure Update:
4th Street between Primrose and Gumwood has been opened
*22nd Street and Maple Avenue is flooded. Public Works department is at location with pump and traffic is assisting with traffic control.

Motorists please be advised of some street closures drive safely.

As of 8 am this morning the following streets have been closed due to flooding:

1. 4th Street between Primrose and Redbud

2. 12th Street and Quamasia Avenue

3. 11th Street and Redbud Avenue

4. East bound lane at Main Street and Quamasia Avenue

5. 11th Street and Shasta Avenue


Will keep you updated on street closures.


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