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Heroes Are Real Campaign kicks off: McAllen Public Works to enforce proper recycling

by Public Information Office | Jan 09, 2015


McAllen- As 2015 gears up residents can expect changes to the current recycling bin process. Environmental Education Manager Delilah Martinez says they are encouraging residents to recycle and recycle properly.


Public Works has initiated an enforcement program that will serve to make certain the blue bins across McAllen are being utilized properly. Code enforcement officers will visit homes and inspect the blue bins to see what is being recycled. The visits will go as follows:


On 1st Inspection Visit – For any non-compliance, a WARNING TAG, explaining what may have been found contaminating your blue bin, and a RECYCLING BROCHURE will be left at location.


On 2nd Inspection Visit – For any non-compliance, a second WARNING TAG, explaining what contaminant was found in your blue bin, and a RECYCLING BROCHURE will be left at location.


On 3rd Inspection Visit – On 3rd violation, a citation will be issued and your BLUE BIN will be removed. 

If a resident does not comply with the new restrictions after the warnings and citations, they run the risk of losing their bin.


If a resident loses their blue bin for non-compliance they will then have two options:


  1. Resident may renew participation in the Recycling Program after a waiting period of 6 months.A tour of the Recycling Center must be scheduled as well as submittal of a signed RECYCLING PLEDGE.
  2. Resident may discontinue participation in the City’s Recycling Program, and request a second BLACK BIN with an additional $12.80 monthly service charge.


Recyclable materials include: newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, aerosol cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and cardboard materials.



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