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City committed in supporting Downtown district

by Public Information Office | May 07, 2015

The City of McAllen – as part of its commitment to supporting the Downtown Entertainment District – will work more closely with 17th Street business owners to help create a plan for a safe, clean and economically vibrant area for years to come.


Recent incidents along 17th Street have emphasized the need for communication between merchants and city hall and have highlighted how popular the Entertainment District is. It is the only destination of its kind in the region and is a magnet for revelers most nights of the week.


The restaurants, bars and music venues have improved the area and increased land values, and police and security are in heavy presence throughout the district. However, similar to other well-known entertainment districts throughout the state, incidents of crime can still take place.  City leaders will work with stakeholders and others to help improve the area and continue to make it a destination.


“This issue is important to us. The Mayor and City Commission and I are ready to roll up our sleeves and work to find solutions,” said McAllen City Manager Roy Rodriguez. “We have been working on evaluating the needs of our downtown area. This is a very important part of our city and downtown must remain busy and lively.”


On May 3, 2015, three men reversed their vehicle and charged at multiple McAllen police officers. Police officers drew their weapons and fired. One man was shot and the suspect vehicle collided into a patrol unit. A second shooting in McAllen’s downtown area happened after 2 a.m. on May 7, 2015.


The city’s aggressive plan will call for additional lighting in the area, better traffic control for enhanced security and a communication and reporting program with all the downtown owners, stakeholders and citizens that will feed the city information about maintenance and security concerns in a more efficient manner, Rodriguez said.


By working closely with downtown stakeholders, the City of McAllen will continue to build on all of the economic momentum that has resulted in new downtown restaurants, and nightlife venues. The City of McAllen will meet with entertainment district owners, operators and others over the next several weeks to further develop the multifaceted plan for the area. At that time, an announcement will come forth.

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