School Parks


The City/School Parks Program is a joint effort between the City of McAllen and the McAllen Independent School District to create parks at various school locations. The parks are used by students and residents alike and greatly enhance the communities in which they are located.


2602 Gumwood - 9.69 acres
Alvarez Park is used during the school year by students for outdoor recreation. Residents use the park for recreation and exercise. The park features lighted basketball pavilions, covered picnic tables, playground equipment, and a mile-long exercise trail.


2400 Jordan - 8.37
This city/school park has a lighted basketball pavilion, playground equipment, and covered picnic tables.


2100 Hackberry - 5 acres
This park features playground equipment, covered picnic tables, and a lighted basketball pavilion.


2200 North 29th - 9.69 acres
This city park features numerous athletic fields, including a baseball/softball field, soccer field, and lighted basketball pavilion. There is also playground equipment, an exercise trail, and covered picnic tables.


4801 South 26th - 5.83 acres
Roosevelt Park has a lighted basketball pavilion, and an exercise trail that loops around two softball fields. The park also features playground equipment and covered picnic tables.