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McAllen Convention Center targets bird droppings in Oval Park

by Public Information Office | Jul 18, 2016

Over the last several years, the McAllen Convention Center has been working to make its complex one of the most visited pristine locations in the city.  The tree canopy in Oval Park has matured and attracts a large number of birds. There are a significant amount of bird droppings in the grass, water, walkways and benches. Steps have been taken to address health concerns that could be the result of those bird droppings.


This public space is also a very popular city park for the community that attracts hundreds of children and their families on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands annually. The City of McAllen works diligently to provide a safe and first class facility to patrons of the McAllen Convention Center while still ensuring that wildlife is protected.    


“The McAllen Convention Center researched best practices about deterring birds from public spaces,” said Omar Rodriguez, Director of McAllen Convention Center. “As per Roth’s website this EcoBird 4.0 product was developed as a non-hazardous, non-lethal bird repellent, made from food-grade materials."


As part of our facility maintenance practices to lessen the risks associated with pestilent bird activity, the following practices have been implemented:

•         Daily cleaning and removal of bird droppings with power washers of the sidewalks, benches, and steps.

•         Installation of electronic audio phonic repellant devices, which uses bird distress calls to repel birds.

•         Installation of bird spikes around building to prevent nesting and roosting.

•         Application of bird repellant to trees in Oval Park (This is only implemented when needed based on increased bird activity).


This month Orkin Pest Control was contracted by the McAllen Convention Center to treat the trees in Oval Park with a bird repellant due to an increase in starling and other pest birds.


“Serious health risks arise from disease organisms that come from an accumulation of bird droppings particularly if roosts have been active for years which is happening at the convention center,” said Rodriguez.  


Orkin reviewed and assessed the situation and with consideration to the wildlife in the area, it was recommended to treat the trees for one week. 


To keep our visitors and residents informed about the process, Orkin placed notices around the park, as required by the Texas Department of Agriculture, notifying the public of its intended treatment of the area.


Orkin will be applying EcoBird 4.0 ® by Roth Chemical Company, Ltd., to approximately 175 trees in Oval Park with mechanical fogging equipment. By following this process, there is no harm to birds, other wildlife or visitors.



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