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City reminds citizens of parking ordinances

by Office of Communications | Apr 28, 2017

Business in Right of Way (ROW)

McAllen- In order to provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods for McAllen residents and visitors, city officials encourage citizens to adhere to parking ordinances.

 “The ordinances prohibiting parking on sidewalks or front lawns are more than just aesthetic issues,” said Aaron Salazar, Interim Director for the City of McAllen Health & Code Enforcement Department.  “These are serious safety issues for pedestrians, motorists and residents alike.  Everybody needs to comply with parking in the appropriately designated spaces in residential areas.”

 The City of McAllen does not permit parking a vehicle on any portion of a sidewalk.  See Section 102-226(a) (2)(e), attached.

 It is also unlawful to park vehicles on front or side yards of single-family residentially zoned areas. See Section 138-394 (a) (a)-(c), attached.

 In the previous two years, 36 parking violations were recorded by the Health & Code Compliance Department. Once a case is reported, a code enforcement officer will inspect the location and issue a notice of violation if needed. Any future violation of the same nature may lead to the issuance of a citation and an appearance at municipal court by the violator will be required, with possible fines up to $500. See Section 1-14.

 To report a violation, please call 681-1900.  Additionally, residents can utilize the 3-1-1 mobile app to report violations. 

 For more information regarding parking ordinances or any city ordinance, please visit and click on the City Code of Ordinances link.

 See attached photos of parking violations.

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