Bond Election Results Official

by The Office of Communications and Media Relations | Nov 15, 2013

The McAllen City Commissioners officially accepted the citizens' vote by canvasing the votes at McAllen City Hall to approve the $45 million Bond Election results.  McAllen voters decided in favor of three propositions on the November 5th election to authorize the issuance of General Obligations bond in the amount of $45 million.  The citizens passed the three propositions: Proposition 1 - $15 million to make road improvements; Proposition 2 - $15 million to help finance the construction of the proposed Performing Arts Center; and Proposition 3 - $15 million to construct a new baseball complex and make other park improvements.

"It's exciting the bond propositions were passed by citizens. The City of McAllen needs these kinds of amenities.    I have already addressed city staff that I wanted everything done by 2014, I didn't see any heads nodding, but I think we are really excited about starting the projects and can't wait for the grand openings," said Mayor Jim Darling.

Proposition 1 focuses on several busy intersections: 23rd and Jackson; 23rd and Ebony; 23rd and Hackberry; 23rd and Kendlewood; Ware and Pecan; Pecan and McColl; Pecan and 2nd.  The bonds will also pay for major roadway improvements: Bicentennial Blvd. from Trenton to State Highway 107; Dove from 41st Street to Bentsen; Erie from Ware Road to Bentsen; Oakland from K to Jackson Road; Wisconsin from 2nd to Drain Ditch; Wisconsin from 2nd to Drain Ditch; Wisconsin from 10th to Main and 29th from Oxford to State Highway 107.

The Board of Commissioners stated they appreciate all the hard work and the trust that the citizens put in their hand by passing the propositions and voting in favor of them. Now, the work falls on the commissioners to execute and do the best job possible on moving forward and bringing those projects to completion as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Commissioner Trey Pebley says "The future of McAllen is mobility.  The roads will help the quality of life and since the people will be able to move in and around the city a lot more easily, traffic flow is a big plus. Also helps local businesses so they can move goods and services through our city faster."

Proposition 2 was the partial funding of the Performing Arts Center, a new City of McAllen venue to replace the McAllen Civic Center Auditorium more than 50 years old.  The estimated cost for a new Performing Arts Center is approximately more than $35 million. The City has already invested in the design of the 83,000 square foot facility by ERO Architects of McAllen that will feature state of the art technology in acoustics, audio, lighting and stage support.  The lobby will feature a grand staircase, balconies overlooking the lobby and Convention Center's Oval Park and much more.

"We are very excited to see this new project move forward," said Commissioner Hilda Salinas.

Proposition 3 is for the creation of a Youth Baseball Complex at 29th and 5 Mile and Municipal Park Improvements for Girls Softball.  The Commission has been working to provide quality of life amenities.

Commissioner Veronica Vela-Whitacre says, "We've got to enhance the parks that we do already have also. We need to make sure that they are family friendly.  We need to make sure we have water fountains and working restroom facilities because more and more people are taking more of an outdoor lifestyle and that's great.  It's all about quality of life."

To better serve the community, the City of McAllen wants to make sure citizens are aware of the progress of the Bond Projects so view our website at to see the ongoing progress of the Bond Projects.  The city has created a web page to keep citizens of informed with budgets and timetables.