Metro McAllen Service Breaking Ridership Records

by Office of Communications and Media Relations | Dec 09, 2013

Metro McAllen continues to see ridership increases in its transit system.  This October, Metro McAllen saw a 10% increase from September ridership and a 6% increase comparing it to October of last year.  Additionally, this past October captured the highest monthly ridership ever for Metro McAllen, with a final tally of 67,566, surpassing the previous highest recorded in August 2013 totaling 67,379.  November ridership also yielded a 5% increase from November of last year.

“It’s exciting to see that more people are utilizing Public Transit.  If everyone could take one trip on a bus rather than 30 individual trips in a car, Metro McAllen could significantly alleviate congestion on our roads and decrease our dependency on oil,” said Mario Delgado, City of McAllen Acting Transit Director.

A recent study done by the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) titled “Transportation in Transition:   A look at Changing Travel Patterns in America’s Biggest Cities” also reveled that the number of passenger miles travelled on transit per capita increased 366 percent in McAllen between 2005 and 2010, which accounts for the largest increase in passenger miles traveled in the entire nation.