2013 McAllen Crime Estimates Released

by McAllen Police Department | Jan 17, 2014

The City of McAllen participates in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. This program makes possible the measurement and analysis of the crime index in a uniform manner.  The UCR program is the reporting of seven index crimes.


The department recognizes that these outcomes are the result of community wide efforts. 


Statement by V. Rodriguez, Chief of Police: 


“Our community strives to prevent crime, to promote public safety and to participate in the investigation of crime when it does occur.  To this end, the Department expresses sincere appreciation to all citizens of our community and to the McAllen City Commission for their diligence and dedication to making our community safe.  The Department expresses special thanks to the men and women of the McAllen Police Department for their hard work and successful outcomes.”        


Generally, the report will reflect the following information:


Crime by Volume (collective sum of reported crime):

            Violent Crime increased:         3.0%

            Property Crime decreased:     -0.8%

            Crime Total decreased:          -0.6%


            Crime Rate (factors changes in population):

            Violent Crime increased:       0.8%

            Property Crime decreased:     -2.9%

            Crime Total decreased:          -2.8%


This report will indicate that during 2013, the department recorded 36 less offenses than in previous year. 


            Decreased number of offenses:          125 offenses.


Decrease analysis:


            Aggravated Assault decreased:          26 offenses.

Theft/Larceny decreased                    99 offenses


Increased number of offenses:           89 offenses.


Increase analysis:

            Murder increased:                              1 offense.

            Rape increased:                                  3 offenses.

Robbery increased:                             27 offenses.

Burglary increased:                            33 offenses.

Motor Vehicle Theft increased:         25 offenses.


Theft represents 79.2% of the decreased number of reported offenses.  As such, the Theft reports are analyzed as follows:


            Decreased number of Theft offenses:  99


            Theft increase/decrease analysis:


Pick Pocket:                                 0     offenses.

Purse snatching:                          4     offenses.

Shoplifting:                            -271     offenses.

            Theft from Autos:                  244     offenses.

            Theft of auto parts:                 -138     offenses.

Theft of bicycles:                         1    offense.

Theft from buildings:                               7    offenses.

Theft from coin machines:        -10    offenses.

            Theft – all other:                        64    offenses.        


As we go forward, the department will continue to be responsive to current experiences. 




 This year's Annual Crime Report click link http://bit.ly/1dDzVOH