Christmas and New Year’s Weekend Holiday Impaired Driver Mobilization Grant Program

by Public Information Office | Dec 19, 2014

 The McAllen Police Department in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation will be conducting an Impaired Driver Mobilization Grant Program from Friday December 19, 2014 until Thursday January 1, 2015 in an effort to promote safe driving with its education and enforcement efforts.
McAllen Police Department also participates in the Comprehensive Selective Traffic Enforcement Grant, which is used in enforcing driving while intoxicated laws during other periods of the year. 
The Goal: A Safe Holiday Season for All.  To accomplish such, local law enforcement agencies have planned, coordinated and will implement law enforcement patrols in an effort to make a regional impact against driving under the influence. 
  As part of these strategies, the McAllen Police Department, commencing on December 19, 2014 through January 1, 2015, will have officers on regular and overtime status looking for drivers that are drinking alcohol and/or intoxicated while operating motor vehicles in an effort to enforce DWI laws and these efforts include no refusal enforcement on certain days. In a refusal circumstance, Officers will conduct blood search warrants on suspects who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample. 
The message is simple if you drink and drive you subject yourself to arrest and police will conduct a breath or blood sample and a blood search warrant on suspects who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample.
During this period, Friday December 19, 2014 until Thursday January 1, 2015 there will be additional patrols out to enforce Driving While Intoxicated laws.
Your family and McAllen Police Officers would rather see you get home safely so, “Plan ahead If you decide to drink then designate a driver or take a taxi cab to get home safely.” The bottom line, Do not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.