by Public Information Office | Jan 26, 2015

Property tax payments will soon become due.  Every year, taxes are due by January 31. For 2015, the deadline to pay 2014 Property taxes is Monday, February 2nd.  Penalties and interest begin to accrue at the rate of 7 percent on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 and continue to increase if not paid.  We encourage citizens to pay before the deadline to avoid paying any penalty and interest.  We urge citizens not to wait until the last day to pay as you may experience some delays during the last week of January.

Property owners are responsible for their taxes, whether they receive a statement or not.  If you own property in the City of McAllen and have not received a tax statement, please call our office.  For those who cannot pay the entire bill, we strongly urge you to pay as much as you can by Feb. 2nd.  Even if you don’t pay the entire bill, the penalty & interest will only be added on the balance that remains.

City of McAllen Tax Office

Development Center

311 N. 15th, McAllen TX 78501.

(956) 681-1330


Mailing address

City of McAllen Tax Office

P.O. Box 220

McAllen Texas 78505-0220. 


Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 


From the office of:

Rebecca M. Grimes, RTA/RTC

Tax Assessor-Collector

City of McAllen