McAllen Goes Green

Urban Forest

The City of McAllen Parks and Recreation Department received a $5,000 grant from Texan by Nature for their Urban Forest #6 project. Connecting children to the importance of trees in their community is vital for the future of Parks and Recreation. The McAllen Urban Forest Initiative began in May of 2022 with the first Urban Forest planted at Frontage Park. Since then, the McAllen Parks & Recreation Horticulture division has lead the planting of five urban forest through volunteers, donations, and project funding. The Parks and Recreation Department launched the Urban Forest Initiative by planting a minimum of 36 native trees, at least two inch in caliper, and six to eight feet in height in a public park covering a quarter to half acre of land. Trees provide health benefits, storm water management, reduce heat island effects, and native trees help create food and habitat for birds and animals. The McAllen Parks and Recreation tree recipe includes a mix of Wild Olive, Texas Persimmon (Chapote), Ebony, Coma del Sur, Retama, Western Soapberry, Granjeno, Texas Torchwood, and Hackberry trees, all locally harvested by local growers.