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McAllen #3 For First-Time Homebuyers


Arbor Day Foundation Names McAllen 2022 Tree City USA Growth Award Recipient

The City of McAllen received a 2022 Tree City USA Growth Award from the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to effective urban forest management. A Growth Award is bestowed to a community alongside their Tree City USA recognition for demonstrating environmental improvement and a higher level of tree care. The award recognizes major milestones and annual activities in five categories: building a team, measuring trees and forests, planning the work, performing the work, and building the community framework.


McAllen #3 For First-Time Homebuyers


The City of McAllen has been ranked three of the top 15 cities in the United States for first-time homebuyers. In a study conducted by, four metrics were analyzed for 185 metro areas: Affordability; Growth Potential; Competition; and Social. According to the study, the City of McAllen’s market makes it one of the top-three cities in the nation for first-time homebuyers. According to McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos, the City of McAllen gives individuals “many opportunities for choosing a great neighborhood with affordable homes throughout the community.”


McAllen in Top 10 of Most Affordable Cities


The City of McAllen has been ranked in the Top 10 most affordable cities for working adults in the United States by Empower, a financial services company. Analyzing 133 U.S. cities, multiple categories, including data on home prices, average income, cost of living, and employment rates, were examined. Furthermore, the City of McAllen was also ranked the 9th best place to live in Texas by U.S. News due to its vibrant metro area suitable to major retail, international trade, tourism and manufacturing. 


McAllen Named as One of Top Seven Great Places to Live in Texas


The City of McAllen is being recognized as one of the top seven great places to live in Texas, according to, a personal financial website. According to the website, the City of McAllen is perfect for anyone looking for affordable, simpler living.


McAllen Named in Top Five Safest Cities in America


The City of McAllen has been ranked as the third safest city on the list of Top 10 Safest Cities in the United States by Looking at data from 200 of the largest cities in the U.S. across the following five metrics, violent crime, property crime, vehicular mortality rate, drug poisoning mortality rate, and excessive drinking, the City of McAllen crime rate has continued to decrease. The City has moved up three spots from 2022, where it was ranked #6.


McAllen Once Again Highlighted as Great Place for Retiring


According to financial website, the City of McAllen has been ranked as one of the 11 best places in Texas to retire. Highlighting the City’s tropical climate, low cost of living and no state income, paired up with the City already being recognized as of the safest cities in the United States, the City of McAllen once again highlights why it offers one of the best qualities of life’s.