Welcome to the Veteran's War Memorial of Texas

Veteran's War Memorial of Texas

The mission of the Veterans War Memorial Foundation of Texas is to provide an educational, cultural, and historical facility to assist future generations, especially children, to learn about the sacrifices of those who died in the service of their country, the value of their legacy, and the important lessons which must be learned from those sacrifices.

Events on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Day are held each year with the support of the City of McAllen where veterans, teachers, students, and all community members are encouraged to attend to honor all veterans for their service and remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for this country.

Please contact Frank Plummer at 956.631.2511 or plummerf@att.net for more information.

Veteran's War Memorial of Texas - 3129 Galveston Ave, McAllen, TX 78501