Medal of Honor

The Hispanic Medal of Honor Plaza

The United States has been engaged in more than 50 military actions since the Civil War (1861-1865). More than 3,400 Medals of Honor have been presented to the armed forces of the United States.

This Hispanic Medal of Honor Plaza is representative of the courage and valor of all 3,451 recipients of the highest honor bestowed on a member of the armed forces for their exceptional courage in battle. As of March 2000, 39 Hispanics had received this coveted honor for conspicuous bravery in the Civil War, Boxer Rebellion, World War I, World War II, Korea and the Vietnam Conflict. More than half of the recipients were killed in battle or died shortly thereafter as a result of their wounds.

Joining them in this plaza of heroes are all of the Texas Medal of Honor recipients. Together, their achievements and sacrifices under enemy fire not only demonstrates selfless courage but reflects love of country, love of comrades and their heritage.

Here then are those moments in history that record their deeds of gallantry and sacrifice. When you leave here remember their extraordinary courage and of those who have given their lives in the saving of their fellow soldiers for:

“They are never to know again the joys and love of family, to hold a child, to see a sunrise, to be loved or to stand where you are today. You now hold their memories for all of time. Guard these memories well for they are the strengths of this nation.”

This plaza is dedicated by the citizens of Hidalgo County in honor of their thousands of sons and daughters who marched off to war in patriotic support of this nation. Many lost their lives, others suffered grievous wounds of body, spirit and mind. To all, thank you for making this a nation of the free.

Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients

Civil War

  • Bazaar, Philip
  • De Castro, Joseph H.
  • Ortega, John

Boxer Rebellion

  • Silva, France

World War I

  • Barkeley, David B.

World War II

  • Adams, Lucian
  • Cano, Pedro
  • Davila, Rudolph
  • Gandara, Joe
  • Garcia, Marcario
  • Gosalves, Harold
  • Gonzales, David M.
  • Herrera, Silvestre S
  • Lara, Salvador
  • Lopez, Jose M.
  • Martinez, Joe P.
  • Mendoza, Manuel
  • Perez, Manuel, Jr.
  • Rodriguez, Cleto
  • Ruiz, Alejandro R. Renteria
  • Valdez, Jose F.
  • Villegas, Ysmael R.


  • Baldonado, Joe
  • Espinoza, Victor
  • Garcia, Fernando Luis
  • Gomez, Eduardo
  • Gomez, Edward
  • Guillen, Ambrosio
  • Hernandez, Rodolfo P.
  • Lopez, Baldomero
  • Martinez, Benito
  • Negron, Juan
  • Obregon, Eugene Arnold
  • Pena, Mike
  • Rivera, Demensio
  • Rodriguez, Joseph C.
  • Vera, Miguel


  • Alvarado, Leonard
  • Benavidez, Roy P.
  • Conde-Falcon, Felix
  • De La Garza, Emilio A., Jr
  • Dias, Ralph E.
  • Duran, Jesus
  • Erevia, Santiago
  • Fernandez, Daniel
  • Garcia, Candelario
  • Gonzalez, Alfredo
  • Jimenez, Jose Francisco
  • Keith, Miguel
  • Lozada, Carlos James
  • Rascon, Alfred V.
  • Rocco, Louis R.
  • Rodela, Jose
  • Rubio, Euripides
  • Santiago-Colon, Hector
  • Vargas, M. Sando, Jr.
  • Versace, Humbert
  • Yabes, Maximo

War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)

  • Petry, Leroy