Medal of Honor

Recipients of the Medal of Honor from the State of Texas Wall

The Medal of Honor is the highest medal of valor in battle awarded by the United States to the men and women of the Armed Forces. It is given in recognition of the extraordinary courage and gallantry, “Above and beyond the call of duty”, demonstrated by members of the American Armed Forces over the years. 75 Texans have been awarded this prestigious medal, 38 posthumously.

Texas Medal of Honor Recipients

Civil War

  • Holland, Milton M.

Indian Wars

  • Austin, William G.
  • Howze, Robert L.
  • McLennon, John
  • Paine, Adam
  • Ward, John

Philippine Insurrection

  • Shelton, George M.

Interim Awards, 1901-1911

  • Wheeler, George Huber

Mexican Campaign (Vera Cruz)

  • Harrison, William Kelly

World War I

  • Barkeley, David B.
  • Edwards, Daniel R.
  • Hayden, David E.
  • Sampler, Samuel M.

World War II

  • Adams, Lucian
  • Bordelon, William James
  • Bulkeley, John Duncan
  • Carswell, Horace S., Jr.
  • Cole, Robert G.
  • Dealey, Samuel David
  • Everhard, Forrest E.
  • Fields, James H.
  • Fowler, Thomas W.
  • Garcia, Marcario
  • Harrell, William George
  • Harris, James L.
  • Hawkins, William Dean
  • Herrera, Silvestre S
  • Hughes, Lloyd H.
  • Hutchins, Johnnie David
  • Kane, John R.
  • Kearby, Neel E.
  • Keathley, George D.
  • Kimbro, Truman
  • Knight, Jack L.
  • Leonard, Turney W.
  • Logan, James M.
  • Lopez, Jose M.
  • Lummus, Jack
  • Mathis, Jack W.
  • Morgan, John C.
  • Murphy, Audie L.
  • Roan, Charles Howard
  • Robinson, James E., Jr.
  • Rodriguez, Cleto
  • Turner, George B.
  • Wallace, Herman C.
  • Whiteley, Eli

Korean War

  • Davis, George Andrew, Jr.
  • Guillen, Ambrosio
  • Hanson, Jack G.
  • Kilner, John E.
  • Martinez, Benito
  • Mitchell, Frank N.
  • Moreland, Whitt L.
  • O'Brien, George H., Jr.
  • Pendleton, Charles F.
  • Stone, James L.
  • Watkins, Travis E.

Vietnam War

  • Anderson, Richard A.
  • Austin, Oscar P.
  • Benavidez, Roy P.
  • Bennett, Steven L.
  • Creek, Thomas E.
  • Ferguson, Frederick Edgar
  • Gonzalez, Alfredo
  • Graves, Terrence Collinson
  • Keith, Miguel
  • Law, Robert D.
  • Lee, Milton A.
  • McCleery, Finnis D.
  • McNerney, David H.
  • Sasser, Clarence Eugene
  • Steindam, Russell A.
  • Wilson, Alfred M.
  • Young, Marvin R.