Medal of Honor


U.S. Military Chaplains have played an important role in all the wars and conflicts of this Nation beginning on 29 July 1775. The name, Chaplain Corps, originated in 1920. From 1775 to date, 402 Chaplains have lost their lives in combat. 6 awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award bestowed on military forces for valor and courage in battle, and 26 received the Distinguished Service Cross (2nd Highest). In addition, 45 were awarded Silver Stars, 719 Bronze Stars and 109 Purple Hearts for their battle actions.

On this wall, three exceptionally courageous and caring Chaplains who served in the Vietnam War (1964-1975) are remembered by a grateful Nation. Each was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valorous acts and exceptional courage above and beyond the call of duty. Two gave their lives and one was wounded on the battlefield. Through these Chaplains, veterans remember all military Chaplains for their selfless devotion and compassion for the troops and their families, in war and peace.