American Spire of Honor


“The American Spire of honor”, a 105’ tall black granite, five sided spire is nearing completion and is located in the center of the Veterans War Memorial of Texas, McAllen, Texas. Dedication of the Spire will be on Veteran's Day, November 2013.

The “American Spire of Honor” will stand for all of time, as a symbol of the honor, respect and gratitude of the American people for the sacrifice of approximately 1.3 million American military men and women who have been killed in all the wars and conflicts of this Nation.

This beautiful Spire, rising above America’s Memorial of its honored dead, will serve as a remembrance for future generations, to better understand, that the freedom they enjoy is not a right……that freedom must be earned and at a horrific price of lives……then freedom and liberty must be secured, if our children’s children are to know the joys of living in a Nation of free people. Failure to protect this wonderful gift of freedom would result in its loss and the demise of America.

The “American Spire of honor” will stand for all of time as a symbol of remembrance of the greatness of the American people and their unwavering dedication to the principles of freedom and liberty for all people.

All (veterans & non-veterans) may become a Guardian of the “American Spire of Honor”. Your presence will insure that future generations, remember the sacrifices of the American military men and women, as our Nation struggled in its growth in becoming a Country of the free. By placing your name on the Guardian walls, alongside the “American Spire of Honor”, you are pledging your allegiance to these heroes of the past and to the principals of freedom and liberty that have made the U.S.A. a beacon of hope and resolve for the world.

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