Property Tax Rate

The McAllen City Commission approved the 2021-2022 tax rate at $0.04956 cents per $100. The 2021-2022 tax rate remained the same as last year’s.

Anti-smuggling Bill

Governor Gregg Abbott traveled to McAllen to meet with elected officials to discuss the region’s growing economic and cultural impact.

During his visit, Governor Abbott signed the Anti-Smuggling bill (SB 576) which enhances the criminal penalty for human smuggling.

Mortgage and Rental Assistance

The City of McAllen offered mortgage and rental assistance to families financially affected by COVID-19. This fiscal relief is supported by a grant from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

MPU Fitch

The AA+ rating from Fitch Ratings was upheld for the McAllen Public Utilities. The rating stems from the $2.7 million outstanding waterworks and sewer system revenue bonds series 2015 and 2016.

Small Business Loans and Grants

Through a partnership between the City of McAllen and the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, small business owners who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic received financial assistance to help sustain their enterprises.

$ Matters

At a Glance:

→ $3.9 Billion – Total Taxable Sales; highest in the region
→ $78.7 Million – Sales Tax Revenue; highest in the region
→ $39. Million to General Fund
→ $19.7 Million to Property Tax Reduction
→ $19.7 Million to Economic Development
→ $1.1 Million– Mixed Beverage Tax Revenue
→ $375.8 Million – Construction Permit Totals for 2021