American Spire of Honor

Become a Sentinel of the Spire by having your name inscribed on the Guardian Walls located adjacent to the base of the Spire. Your name can be inscribed in one of three sized. Donations will be accepted as follows:

1/2 inch letters (up to 63 spaces). Donation of $100 or more
3/4 inch letters (up to 59 spaces). Donation of $1,000 or more
1 1/2 inch letters (up to 80 spaces). Donation of $10,000 or more

Click here for an application.

Guardian Contribution Suggestions

4" x 8" Paver - $25

Three (3) lines of text with sixteen (16) spaces per line.

4x8 Paver 4x8 Paver 4x8 Paver
16" x 16" Paver - $265

Fourteen (14) lines of text with eighteen (18) spaces per line.

16 x 16 Paver 16 x 16 Paver 16 x 16 Paver
5' Granite Bench - $2,000

Included with donation is one 16" x 16" paver.

Granite Bench Granite Bench
Organizational Guardian - $6,000
Organizational Guardian Organizational Guardian Organizational Guardian
9'6" x 7' Granite Wall - $10,000

Inscribed with an historical event with a Donor Plaque located at the base of the wall.

Granite Wall Granite Wall Granite Wall
Bronze Statues - $38,000

Various types of statues featuring a nurse, doctor, soldier, George Washington, Audie Murphy among others. A plaque with donor information is located at the base of the statue.

Bronze Statue Bronze Statue Bronze Statue
Memorial Building - $3.2 Million

When completed, the Veteran's War Memorial Building will span 12,400 square feet with a 105' obelisk at the center.

Memorial Building
General Donations - Any Amount
All other donations will go to the general building fund used to continue the construction at the memorial.

Special Projects

Iraq / Afghanistan KIA Walls

Rio Grande Valley soldiers Killed in Action in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are 32 local soldiers that have been killed in the Global War on Terror. There are three walls that are going to be built in the All Wars Section of the Memorial. Donors can sponsor one of these soldiers for $1,000 or an entire wall for $10,000. The walls will be similar to those in the Hispanic Medal of Honor Section.

Texas Killed in Action in Vietnam Walls

There will be six walls located in the Vietnam Section of the Memorial that list the names of the 3,415 Texans Killed in Action. Two of the six walls have already been completed. Donors can sponsor one or more soldiers with a donation of $15 per name or an entire wall for $10,000.