World War II

Othal E. Brand and Kathryn W. Brand History Wall

Othal and Kathryn Brand were marines during World War II. They served their country with patriotism and pride. In this global conflict 325,000 U.S. military service men and were killed, 625,000 wounded and 100,000 missing in action.

Othal and Kathryn met during this war and were married in July 1945, in Washington, D.C. Kathryn served in the transport division, Marine Air Base, Quantico, Virginia. Othal entered military service as a private and rose to the top enlisted rank of Master Sergeant. In the Pacific War Zone, he participated in some of the bloodiest battles of the war at Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands. Over 6,000 U.S. military troops were killed in these actions.

Duty with honor to God and Country is an accurate description of the lives of Othal and Kay Brand both in time of war and in the time of peace.