Proposition Related to Drainage Improvements

A 2015 McAllen Citizen Survey indicated that a majority of respondents identified drainage enhancements as an area that could use improvement. Comments in the community survey repeatedly asked for improvements in the drainage system. Proposition A asks the voters if the city should issue bonds to finance drainage improvements.

While drainage improvements have been ongoing in the City of McAllen, Proposition A would set the stage to construct additional drainage projects at 23 locations throughout the city. These projects would address the city’s storm water management including minimizing flooding, widening drainage outlets, increasing capacity at detention flooding ponds, and other related infrastructure improvements.

Bond Amount: $22 Million

Property Tax Increase: Approximately $21 per year for the average McAllen home

Location: 23 locations throughout McAllen(See Maps)

If approved, the drainage improvement bond would increase property taxes by about $21 annually.
Calculations are based on an average home value of $128,133.