Proposition Related to Traffic Control Improvements

In a 2015 McAllen Citizen Survey, a majority of respondents identified “traffic light timing and traffic flow” as issues they would like for the City of McAllen to address. Comments in the survey repeatedly mentioned the need for better traffic synchronization. The traffic improvement bond proposition asks the voters if the City of McAllen should issue bonds to finance traffic control improvements.

Proposition B in the bond election would lay the groundwork for an expansion of the traffic systems in McAllen. If the measure is approved by voters, new traffic cabinets and controllers would be installed, communication would be improved through the installation of fiber to the signals and a comprehensive traffic study would be conducted. These measures would synchronize signals along major corridors.

Bond Amount: $3 Million

Property Tax Increase: Approximately $3 per year for the average McAllen property

Locations: Various intersections throughout McAllen (View Map)

If voters approve the measure, the traffic improvement bond would increase property taxes by about $3 annually.
Calculations are based on an average home value of $128,133.