Bicentennial Blvd. Hike & Bike Trail Pedestrian Bridge at Lark Blvd.

This project consists of the purchase and installation of a pre-fabricated steel truss pedestrian bridge. The bridge crossing will span the existing drainage ditch along Bicentennial Boulevard and facilitate east-west access to the existing Bicentennial Hike & Bike Trail.

Construction Company:     Tabeza Holdings, LLC.
Original Contract:                $ 160,143.85
Contract Days:                     100 (working)

Construction Status: Fabrication is underway with delivery rescheduled to March 14th to allow for proper curing of concrete foundation and substructure. Staff is currently coordinating final permit clearance with Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No. 3 for access across their 25-foot right-of-way at the west end of the proposed bridge. Foundations scheduled to be drilled January 22nd, 2018.

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Envelope:
Viewing west; Hike/Bike Trail in foreground

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Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Landing:
Viewing west at existing crosswalk

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