Fire Station #2

New construction of 6,303 Sq. Ft. one story structure for Fire Station #2 with brick veneer construction and asphalt shingles roof on concrete slab, including 3,469 Sq. Ft. air conditioned living quarters; 2,802 Sq. Ft. drive thru apparatus bay and 32 Sq. Ft. Porch area

Architectural Firm:               Milnet Architectural Services, PLLC
Construction Company:     Granchelli Construction, LLC
Original Contract:                $1,451,875.55
Original Contract (Days):    170 - Working Days   (July . 20, 2018 - April 10, 2019)


Construction Status: As of July, 2018:  The project is 8 calendar days into construction.  The original contract provided for 170 working days with an estimated completion date of April  10, 2019.  Crews are compacting the compacton soil and  forming the foundation.