McAllen Public Safety Building Parking Garage

New parking structure located behind the existing McAllen Public Safety Building, consists of 134 parking spaces on the ground level that will mainly serve the McAllen Police Department units. There will also be 24 parking spaces under the structure to be used as an impound lot. The second level will consist of 136 parking spaces that will serve the McAllen Public Safety Building staff; they will be able to access the building by a bridge that connects the second level of the parking garage to the second level of the existing building. The façade consists of pre-cast concrete panels, and a modern look obtained by perforated panels anchored to the structure. These panels are also used to enclose the two stairwells that are located at each end of the structure, lights will be use to accent these stairwells and the bridge at night.

Architectural Firm: Milnet Architectural Services, PLLC
Construction Company: Prodigy Construction Management, LLC
Original Contract: $3,861,320.00
Original Contract (Days): 210 - Calendar Days (Feb. 23, 2017 - Sept. 11, 2017)

Construction Status: As of December 31, 2017, the project was 282 calendar days into construction. Drilling crews have started forming shear walls. The contractor is 90 to 120 days behind schedule. They continuing to forming inverted T supports have poured  52 inverted T supports out of 92. In addition they have set 12 inverted T supports in place.

The project is estimated schedule for completion in mid-September 2018.



by Alayn Arambula | 06 Feb, 2018

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