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Fire Department Divisions

Fire Suppression Division

The McAllen Fire Department responded to 4,721 alarms. McAllen Fire Department Airport Apparatus responded to 22 Airport Alerts. McAllen Fire Department had a Property Loss percentage of 28.33%

Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division conducted plan reviews, approved and inspected all fire protection systems for new buildings, inspected existing buildings for fire code violations; attended plan and subdivision review meetings, and investigated code violation complaints.

New personnel in the Fire Prevention Division, three Fire Prevention Officers assigned to operations shift hours, which means that a Fire Investigator/Fire Inspector is on duty 24 hours a day.

Training Division

Our firefighters are required to complete (20) hours of State continuing education per year in order to maintain their certification. Training is completed through the use of video and hands on training.

The firefighters stationed at the McAllen- Miller International Airport complete their continuous education through classroom education and live aircraft fire drills. The McAllen Fire Department recognizes that progressive training is a vital tool to insure the safety to life and property for our citizens and we strive for the best training possible for our firefighters.

Upcoming training events for 2008 include Training through the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management and TEEX, Texas Engineering Extension Service, and Mutual Aid.

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support Division manages fire department non-personnel resources that include procurement, fleet services, facilities, and equipment maintenance. Division full-time personnel are on Deputy Chief, one Captain, and three clerks. The total annual fire department budget allocation exceeded $13 million.

McAllen operates one of the most modern fire protection fleets in South Texas, comprised of fortyeight vehicles, twenty-seven of which are emergency response units. Recent acquisitions include two new fire attack pumpers. Future acquisitions of emergency vehicles include a wildland brush unit, an airport rescue fire truck, and the refurbishing of an aerial fire truck. The division sees that maintenance and replacement schedules provide the allocated fire protection coverage for the City.

The division also provides support services to facility usage of six fire stations, fire training and fire prevention center, and a training drill field. These are strategically located in various areas of the city. A computer system links all stations to facilitate requests for services and to serve as a communication tool. In 2005-2006, the city completed a fire department study that showed the need for two additional stations, the renovation of two fire stations, and the relocation of Central Fire Station and Emergency Operations Center. The relocation of the new Central Fire Station and Emergency Operations Center is scheduled for completion, May 2008.

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