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Property & Evidence Unit

Mission Statement

The mission of the McAllen Police Department’s Property & Evidence Unit is to provide efficient and effective processing of evidence, storage of evidence, production of evidence for prosecution of cases, personnel and to assist disposing of evidence and personal property, and to adequately supply departmental needs.

A Guide to Getting your Property Back

During the course of the normal duties police officers may seize citizens personal property for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the property may be turned back over to its rightful owner. There are many reasons property would be taken into custody including:


When property is taken into the department for a short time and the only thing the owner needs to do is come in to the station with his driver’s license or state issued identification card and sign for the property. Safekeeping items are usually brought in because their presence at that particular time and place pose a threat of theft or injury but the item would otherwise be perfectly safe and are not part of any crime.

Preventing Consequences of Theft (18.16)

Property seized under the authority of Chapter 18.16 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures will not be released until a court hearing takes place. These items were seized because the officer has reason until a court hearing takes place. These items were seized because the officer has reason to believe that should he not take the items before a magistrate, it will result in a theft. The court will notify all possible owners before the hearing takes place. Once the court awards the property to you, take a copy of the court order and your photo ID to the McAllen Police Department and ask to speak to someone from the Property & Evidence Unit.

Found Property

Property that is seized, because there is no known owner. This property will be held by the department for 90 days after which it will be classified as abandoned property and be scheduled for disposal. Items with an estimated value of $500.00 dollars or more will be advertised in the local paper before they are destroyed or auctioned. If you think your property may have been found by the department and you want to claim it, make sure you have proof of ownership and an approximate time it was found and call the McAllen Police Department Property & Evidence Unit with the best description you can provide.


Items used in the commission of a crime or items that have been recovered and may have some bearing on the outcome of the case. Evidence will not usually be released without a court order and in most cases it will not be released until the court disposes of the case. An exception would be in the event that the property was taken in to be photographed and/or processed for latent fingerprints. In the event that your property is ready to be released you should have the case number (if known) and your photo ID ready and call the Property & Evidence Unit of the McAllen Police Department to make arrangements to retrieve your property.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Property & Evidence Unit at (956) 681-2141.

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