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Crime Records Bureau: Accident Reports

records_areportsThe Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 550.065, provides in part that (c), on written request and payment of any required fee, the department or the governmental entity shall release the information to… a person who provides the department or government entity with two or more of the following:

  1. The date of the accident; or
  2. The specific address or the highway or street where the accident occurred;
  3. The name of any person involved in the accident.

Request for Reports

Accident Report Request Form

Download the Accident Report Request Form, complete and fax to (956) 681-2081.

You may also submit completed form by mail to:

McAllen Police Department - Crime Records Office PO Box 220
McAllen, TX 78505-0220

Requests submitted should include exact date, location, and the name of person involved in the accident. Copies of Accident Reports can not be released without having two of the above three items. A case number is helpful, but not required to submit request.

All requests will be answered in writing, along with an invoice indicating any charges incurred. No reports will be faxed. The McAllen Police Department must, within ten (10) days of receiving request, notify requestor whether an exception applies and submit ruling to the Office of the Attorney General or otherwise release the accident report.


Services may be paid by cash/check/money order. Make check/money order payable to the City of McAllen. Do not send cash.

Accident Reports Fee Schedule
Report Type Fee
Accident $6.00 each
Photographs $0.75 per photo processed, No enlargement service available
Certified Reports $8.00 each

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