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Crime Records Bureau: Alarm Permits

According to City of McAllen Ordinance Sec.42-41, a person commits an offense if person/business operates or causes to be operated an alarm system without a valid permit. A separate permit is required for each site.

All permits are renewed January 1st and expire December 31st. Only pro-rated fees will be charged to permit holders whose operational date is confirmed with the alarm company as being effective after June 1st.

Any alarm cancellations must be made in writing to the Alarms Division of the McAllen Police Department to effectively cancel your permit. Failing to cancel an alarm permit may result in the accumulation of alarm fees/penalties. Permits can not be transferred to another permit holder. Any changes must be notified to the Alarms Division.

In accordance with City Ordinance Sec. 42-50, the permit holder will be fined a fee of $50.00 per false alarm after the 5th false alarm per calendar year. No service fee will apply for the first 60 days of a new permit holder.


Make check/money order payable to the City of McAllen. Do not send cash. Payments may be taken at the Crime Records Office windows, or the Front Desk at Police Headquarters (1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd, McAllen, TX).

Alarm Permits Fee Schedule
Permit Type Description Fee
A Monitored by Alarm Company $25.00
B Not Monitored by Alarm Company (audible) $50.00
Renewal Annual Permit Renewal $25.00 / calendar year
Pro-rate Operational date after July of calendar year $12.50 (renewal fee reinstated Jan 1st of following year
False Alarms exceeding 5 false alarms per calendar year $50.00 each false alarm

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Permit Registration / Cancellation

Alarm Application Form

Download the Alarm Application Form and complete. Submit completed form by mail to:
McAllen Police Department - Crime Records Office PO Box 220
McAllen, TX 78505-0220
or by fax to (956) 681-2091.

Copies of false alarm logs are available upon written request. Submit written request to the Alarms Division via mail, fax, or in person. All requests will be replied in writing. If you have additional questions, contact Alarm Permits @ (956) 681-2093

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