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Water Quality Reports

watertestUnder the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is responsible for setting national limits for hundreds of substances in drinking water and also specifies various treatments that water systems must use to remove these substances. Each system continually monitors for these substances and reports their findings to the U.S. EPA. The U.S. EPA uses these data to ensure that consumers are receiving clean water.

This publication conforms to the regulation under SDWA requiring water utilities to provide detailed water quality information to provide detailed water quality information to each of their customers annually. We are committed to providing you with this information about your water supply because customer who are well informed are our best allies in supporting improvements necessary to maintain the highest drinking water standards.

Water Quality Reports

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2013 ReportPDF7.53 MB04 Jun, 2014 Download
2012 ReportPDF1.11 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2011 ReportPDF400.49 KB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2010 ReportPDF374.30 KB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2009 ReportPDF2.36 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2008 ReportPDF1.97 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2007 ReportPDF1.92 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2006 ReportPDF6.99 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2005 ReportPDF1.82 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2004 ReportPDF3.58 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2003 ReportPDF4.24 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2002 ReportPDF3.43 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
2001 ReportPDF1.52 MB04 Oct, 2013 Download
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