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The McAllen Parks and Recreation Department Aquatics Division offers a full aquatic recreational program throughout the year. From our Gus & Goldie Learn-to-Swim Program to a variety of American Red Cross programs,participants of all ages can take part in our programs to learn the important skills of swimming.


Programs & Facility Schedule


Lap Swimming

Municipal Swimming Pool

Tuesday - Friday 5:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m.

Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Fee:$1.00 per person

Boys & Girls Club Swimming Pool

Tuesday - Friday 7:15 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Fee: $1.00 per person

Water Aerobics

August 5 - September 25

Boys & Girls Club Swimming Pool

Tuesday - Friday 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Fee: $1.00 per person

Public Swimming

August 5 - August 25

Municipal Swimming Pool

Tuesday - Friday 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Fee: $2.50 per person

$20 swim passes available. Good for 10 admissions.

Los Encinos Swimming Pool

Tuesday - Thursday 1:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Friday -Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Fee: $1.50 per person





  • Public Swimming - All swimmers must wear appropriate swim attire. No cut-off shorts, gym shorts or leotards. Board shorts with draw strings are allowed. Swim diapers and swim suits are necessary for infants. No diapers or disposable swim diapers (little swimmers) allowed. Every person entering the pool must pay admission fee. Children ages 3 and under are free with an adult. Current Swim Schedule
    • Lap Swim - Lap swimming is an excellent low-impact cardio exercise that helps to strengthen both the heart and lungs while toning the entire body. Lap swimming is perfect for those who want to exercise without putting excess pressure on their joints.
    • Water Aerobics - Program consists of light warm-up exercises in shallow water, working up to more vigorous aerobic actions. Ability to swim is not required.


  • Swim Lessons (Gus & Goldie Learn-To-Swim Program)
    • Parent & Baby Levels Infant (6-18 months) This class is designed to teach parents how to work safely and effectively with their infant to provide a safe environment, so they can develop water adjustment skills and have fun in the water.
    • Toddler (18-48 months) The focus of this class is to teach skills learned in the infant level and progress to more advanced skills that are age appropriate for a toddler. Again, parent and child will be working together in the water.
    • Pre-School Levels Pre-School (4-5 years) Students in this class will learn basic water adjustment skills with an emphasis on play to prepare them for comfort in the water for Level 1 & 2. It is designed to teach swimmer independence with initial play in the wading pool and progression to the main pool when students are ready.
    • Advanced Pre-School (4-5 years) The advanced preschool is like the preschool class, but will have students start to work on level 1 material at an earlier age. Students must have taken the preschool class to enroll.
    • Youth Levels (Ages 6 – 13 years)
      • Level 1 & 2 - Swimmers will start to learn basic water exploration and swimming skills. This class covers submersion under the water, floating & gliding on front & back, rhythmic breathing, safety skills, and front & back crawls at a beginner level.
      • Level 3 -Designed to build upon skills learned at Levels 1 & 2. The back crawl will be expanded and the front crawl will be perfected. Students will also learn to tread water.
      • Level 4 - Designed to build upon the skills mastered at Level 3. Students develop more endurance to swim greater distances. Breaststroke and sidestroke are also taught. Adult & Teen This class is for adults who either want to overcome their fear of the water or are comfortable in the water, but would like to improve their strokes.
    • Adaptive Aquatics - Instructional swimming program for young people with disabilities. Focus is placed on an individual's abilities, not their disabilities.
    • Home School Classes - The perfect opportunity to add physical education and fitness to the home school curriculum. Students are divided into swim groups according to skill level. Contact the Aquatics Superintendent for more information on scheduling a class for your home school group.
    • Custom Classes - This is a semi-private swim lesson with a certified swim instructor. It allows instructors to critique and build your child’s swimming ability on a more individualized basis. Each class has a limit of five children and will be placed in classes based upon current swimming ability.


  • Swim Team - Certified coaches conduct workouts, help improve swimming skills and work individually with swimmers to help them become competitive athletes. Train throughout the year to help prepare for the summer swim meet schedule. PREREQUISITES Participants must be able to swim 50 yards comfortably and have no fear of the water. View the current McFun Recreation Activity Guide for a complete schedule.


  • Lifeguard Certification Program - Current Certification Schedule (link to file) Certification class provides necessary training for those individuals wanting to become lifeguards. CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid books and certifications are included. PREREQUISITES: Individuals must be at least 15 years old and must be able to complete the following tests: timed brick retrieval and 300 yard swim using front crawl and breaststroke.


  • Events
    • Underwater Egg Hunt
    • McAllen Pools Gone Wild
    • Bark-N-Splash
    • Aquafest
    • Dive-In Movie
    • Doggie Day at the Pool
    • Camp Cascade
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