Gas Well Closure on south side of Dove

by Public Information Office | Jun 08, 2015

The VirTex Operating Company is scheduled on Monday morning to perform the last stages of work to close a North McAllen natural gas well.


The well is located on the south side of Dove, between 29th and 23rd Streets.  As part of the closure operation, VirTex will purge the remaining gas within the line. This operation will affect two distinct areas.


Residents and community members in the area around the existing well site should be aware that company and city officials will take all precautions necessary to see that these operations are performed safely and do not impact the surrounding community.


The first part of the operation will be around the existing well site. The remaining gas in the line will be vented and flared for an approximate period of four hours Monday morning (June 8).


The second part of the operation takes place an the area south of Saxon Village Condominiums at 2319 Iris Avenue, where a pump truck will be set up to pump water into the gas line in order to purge it. 


VirTex has coordinated with the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency that regulates natural resources development, and will continue to communicate with the agency as it finalizes the closing of this well.