MPU warns consumers about phone scam

by Public Information Office | Aug 26, 2015


McALLEN McAllen Public Utility (MPU) is warning customers of scam phone calls from someone who claims they’re from “the water company” and requesting immediate payment.


A customer was targeted earlier this week and reported the callers requested “prompt payment using a Wal-Mart pay pal credit card in order to avoid disconnection within twenty minutes.”


MPU is advising its customers that if they suspect a call is fraudulent or deceptive in nature, they should take the caller’s name and phone number, hang up and call (956) 681-1600 or (956) 681-1717 after hours to verify the account status.


MPU utilizes an automated system during working hours to let customers know a payment is due, and never suggests that the customer make a payment immediately over the phone.