Federal Officials Award funds to McAllen and Pharr Police Department

by Public Information Office | Sep 02, 2015

Federal law enforcement officials announced asset sharing awards to the McAllen and Pharr Police Departments.  The agencies were presented with their share of a seizure totaling $1,222,990.00. $864,702 was awarded to McAllen and the remaining assets were split between the City of Pharr and the federal government.  

The seizure occurred on June 3, 2014 after a traffic stop in McAllen. McAllen and Pharr police officers joined the FBI to investigate and prosecute the forfeiture of the assets.  
The large award highlights the significance and the impact of combined law efforts in the Rio Grande Valley. 
“Seizing and prosecuting ill gotten assets is one approach against drug traffickers and organized crime. When we succeed at such, we can convert those assets to benefit the good of our communities,” said Chief Victor Rodriguez.