Ceremonial signing held for historic collective bargaining agreement

by Public Information Office | Oct 13, 2015

McAllen- McAllen Mayor Jim Darling and McAllen Police Association (MPA) President David Alvarado signed the new 2015-2020 collective bargaining labor agreement on Oct. 13, 2015.

“I realize how hard it is to sit in the negotiations and get it done, so I appreciate the work not only of city management but also of David and his staff,” said Darling. “It’s a lot of work but to have a five year deal is really fantastic.”

 The McAllen City Commission approved a new collective bargaining labor agreement, which was ratified by the MPA. This is the first five-year agreement reached by both parties.

 “It’s progress, we look forward to working with the city and we really appreciate this contract,” said Alvarado.

The new agreement is the result of collaborative negotiations between police officers, city management, and the Mayor and Commission and memorializes their commitment to efficiently manage City resources, provide quality-working conditions for McAllen police officers, and, above all, provide quality law enforcement for the citizens of McAllen.

The following are the changes to the new agreement:

  • The Salary Pay Tables for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, and thereafter, have been approved by both parties;
  • The increased rates are dispersed according to rank and longevity; with a concentration among junior officers to assist in the recruitment of and maintenance of a reliable police force that reflects the growth of the city;
  • If other City employees receive a wage increase, then police officers will receive the same increase (plus one half of one percent);
  • As with other City employees, officers will receive an “updated service credit” enhancement to their TMRS retirement account;
  • Enhancement in pay for those officers that work the difficult (e.g. ‘graveyard’) shifts; and
  • Enhancement in stipends for officers who obtain additional certifications, improving their skills and abilities.

“All’s well that ends well, and this ended well,” said City Manager Roel “Roy” Rodriguez, P.E. “One of the most important ground rules is that we treat each other with respect. We’re going to disagree but in the end, our police officers are very important to the City of McAllen.”