City includes e-cigarettes in smoking ordinance

by Public Information Office | Nov 16, 2015

McAllen– Electronic cigarettes are now included in the current smoking ordinance in the City of McAllen.
During the regular city commission meeting, changes were approved to the smoking regulations.  As of November 11, 2015, the smoking ordinance will now include the definition of “Lighted” or “Lighting”, and amend the definition of “Smoke” or “Smoking” by including e-cigarettes.
Locations where smoking is prohibited will now have prohibition for e-cigarettes.
​Prior to the November 9 amendments, smoking was prohibited in certain enclosed public places and outdoor facilities as prescribed under McAllen Code of Ordinances Chapter 54, Article V, Smoking Regulations.  However, the original text did not account for the smoking of e-cigarettes and vaping devices.
McAllen Code Enforcement encourages business owners to notify their clients and post proper signage. During the current educational phase, anyone in violation of the ordinance will be notified of the change and be given a warning. Effective Jan. 1, individuals caught vaping will be issued a citation.