Unveiling set for the Monarch Project Mosaic Standpipe Column

by Public Information Office | Jan 13, 2016

Keep McAllen Beautiful has embarked on an ambitious mosaic project known as the Monarch Project to enhance and beautify the irrigation standpipes (columns) located on the Hike & Bike trail along Bicentennial Boulevard between Dove Avenue and Trenton Road.    


The mosaic project will feature the metamorphosis of the Monarch butterfly colorfully applied in mosaic tile to seven standpipes.  When the installation is complete, the renditions will depict the Monarch’s transformation from larval stage to butterfly and will be a great didactic tool for both children and adults. Additionally, this will focus awareness to this splendid creature that is in peril of becoming extinct.  It shall also serve symbolically, representing the overcoming of many obstacles to a magnificent transformation.   


Join us for the unveiling of the installation of the first column located on the corner of Trenton Rd. & Bicentennial Boulevard on Friday, January 15, 2016 at 9:00am.  Parking will be available at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1801 Trenton Road. 


In attendance will be the Mosaic Project featured artists Manuel Robledo Treviño, Maria Cristina Z. Pechero, Maria Concepción Flores De Cueva and Alejandra Leal.


Keep McAllen Beautiful, Inc.

Monarch Project Mosaic Column Unveiling

Friday, January 15, 2016


Corner of Trenton Road & Bicentennial Blvd.