McAllen Fire Department Video Teaches Kitchen Fire Safety

by Public Information Office | Jan 13, 2021

Normally, every October sees the McAllen Fire Department visiting local elementary schools during National Fire Safety Week, teaching fire safety and other helpful hints, with Sparky and other fire suppression tools and vehicles.  However, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the usual visits did not take place.  As the world learned to adjust to virtual everything, McAllen Fire Chief James Schultz approached the team at the Office of Communications about creating a video that would help teach an important lesson on fire safety, while possibly getting a few chuckles.  The result?


A video that features McAllen Mayor Darling in a tongue-in-cheek role that, thanks to Sparky and McAllen Fire Lt. Lucas Garcia, has him learning an important lesson on kitchen fire safety.


“While the video was initially aimed at a younger crowd, with humor and style that only Mayor Darling can bring, we hope that young and old take away the important lesson on fire safety in the kitchen,” said Chief Schulz.  “Additionally, I really have to thank Mayor Darling for being such a good sport to participate in the way that he did.”


For his part, Mayor Darling was happy to participate.


“When I read the script, I laughed and realized this would be a unique way to teach something that we all need to learn and possibly be reminded of,” said Mayor Darling. “I’m glad I don’t take myself too seriously, although Sparky said I did ‘sizzle’ in the video.   I also did have a lot of fun starring in this fire safety video.”


The video is available on MCN 1300 and all of its steaming platforms, the City of McAllen You Tube and the McAllen Fire Department page on the City of McAllen website at


[Mayor%20Darling,%20Sparky%20and%20the%20Burning%20Bacon]Mayor Darling, Sparky and the Burning Bacon: