Hidalgo County Law Enforcement Agencies Unite For Safe 2023 Holiday Season

by Office of Communications | Oct 30, 2023

60 Day DWI No Refusal Initiative Announced

The holiday season is usually the happiest time of the year for every community, but DWI usually increases during this time, affecting many people.  Hidalgo County averages approximately 3,800 DWI arrests, 875 DWI crashes with injuries and 30 DWI related fatalities yearly.  For that reason, law enforcement entities throughout Hidalgo County have united to participate in No Refusal throughout the holiday season.

The No Refusal period will take effect November 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. 

No Refusal means that Hidalgo County law enforcement agencies are prepared to go to extra lengths to ensure DWI convictions by ensuring that evidence of DWI is not denied.  Judges will be at the ready to service search warrants sought by these law enforcement agencies for drivers who refuse to take a breath test.  

Additionally, a special guest has joined Hidalgo County law enforcement agencies to help ensure holiday revelers do not drink and drive.  The Grinch, who long ago learned the special meaning of the holidays, will be on Patrol with Hidalgo County law enforcement agencies, to ensure the safety of every motorist this holiday season.           

Hidalgo County Sheriff J.E. “Eddie” Guerra has a clear message for those who choose to drink and drive during this holiday season: “No matter how full our county jail is, we will always have room for anyone who chooses to drink and drive. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be a part of The Grinch on Patrol – No Refusal DWI Initiative, which includes many other law enforcement partners from across Hidalgo County.”

“The holiday Season is upon us.  The Grinch had a change of heart and has joined law enforcement agencies from throughout Hidalgo County to be on patrol.  This year, we proudly join forces with the Grinch and our law enforcement partners as we begin our 60-day DWI No Refusal Initiative,” said McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez.

“Our goal is simple -  safer community is a more joyous community. No Refusal is simple:  Drink, Drive, we will not be denied the evidence.  Our collaborative efforts are resource-multipliers.  We ask our community to collaborate as well to prevent DWI throughout Hidalgo County this holiday season,” Chief Rodriguez concluded.

Edinburg Police Chief Jaime Ayala had this to say about the campaign: “This year, we stand united with the Grinch and our law enforcement allies as we kick off our DWI No Refusal Initiative. Our objective is clear: a safer community equals a happier community. The No Refusal approach is straightforward – if you drink and drive, we won't be stopped in obtaining the necessary evidence. Working together with our partners multiplies our resources, and we invite our community to collaborate with us to prevent DWI. So, let's all make a plan for a safer, more joyous holiday season.”

“As the holidays approach, we ask everyone to celebrate responsibly.  We have partnered up with the GRINCH and our law enforcement partners as we begin our 60 day DWI No Refusal Initiative.  If you drive while impaired, the consequences could be life changing. No Refusal message means: If you are stopped while driving under the influence, we WILL take a specimen from you. We will protect our citizens at ALL cost,” emphasized Mission Police Chief Cesar Torres

The San Juan Police Department echoed the sentiments of his fellow law enforcement agencies. 

“As the holiday season approaches, families prepare to travel from point A to point B and visit their loved ones to celebrate. The San Juan Police Department and its neighboring law enforcement partners will enforce and intercept any driver who wishes to drink and drive intoxicated; the San Juan Police Department has zero tolerance for DWI offenders. This year, the Grinch on Patrol will be patrolling the streets of San Juan. If we arrest you for DWI, the Grinch will give you a ride to the Hidalgo County jail, where Sheriff Guerra has ‘vacancies’ for drunk drivers,” said San Juan Police Chief Leandro Sifuentes.

The City of McAllen Office of Communications, in partnership with the McAllen Police Department, McAllen Environmental Health & Code Enforcement, McAllen Municipal Court, McAllen Public Utility, Dist. 5 Comm. Victor “Seby” Haddad and South Texas College, produced a :60 public service announcement that depicts the Grinch on patrol, trying to prevent a DWI, but then reminding the offender that the Grinch will always be a part of the consequences of drinking while intoxicated.

The Grinch:    Jose Anthony Castillo, McAllen Code Enforcement Officer

The Offender: Michael Sanchez, South Texas College student

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