Conducting Business with the City of Mcallen

The Purchasing & Contracting (P&C) Department is the central procurement organization for the City of McAllen. The P&C Department promotes fair and open competition throughout the entire procurement and purchasing process.

How to Register with the City

The P&C Department maintains a listing of vendors classified according to goods and/or services through Procureware, a third party vendor.  All vendors who are interested in doing business with the City of McAllen are highly encouraged to complete the online registration process at Vendors registered with a specific commodity and sub-commodity category are notified of upcoming solicitations that match the good or services provided by the vendor.

The Procurement Process

The P&C Department makes purchases on the open market, by informal or formal solicitations, or utilizing cooperative contracts:

Informal Solicitations:  
Purchases of $2,000 to less than $50,000 are made based on an informal request for quotes, with a three quote minimum requirement. A Purchase Order will be issued to a vendor as the City’s validation to purchase products or services or a Procurement Card (P-Card) can be used for purchases up to $5,000.

Formal Solicitations:   Purchases of $50,000 or more require formal solicitations in the form of Formal Sealed Bids or Request for Proposals (RFP).  Procurement of Professional Services shall be conducted through a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) method.  All formal solicitations shall be solicited by the P&C Department through the City’s procurement portal. Awards may require City Commission approval.

Sole-Source / Emergency Purchases – Under special conditions and to the extent permitted by Texas Law, the City may purchase goods/services as a sole-source or as an emergency purchase without the requirement of a competitive environment and/or formal solicitation process. Contact the P & C Department for further assistance.


Because the City’s purchases are subject to applicable City Ordinances, State and Federal Laws, there are vendor requirements that must be considered prior to conducting business with the City.

Insurance Requirements: Vendors shall provide evidence of insurance prior to the commencement of service/work if work will be performed on City property. Professional Services have additional requirements.  See “Insurance Requirements” tab for more information.

Bonding Requirements: Depending on the type of good/services, Vendors may be required to provide Bid/Performance and/or Payment Bonds issued to the City of McAllen.  The solicitation shall contain these requirements.

Ethics Policy: Vendors shall abide by the City’s “Code of Ethics” when conducting business with the City. See “Code of Ethics” tab for more information.

Historically Underutilized Business /Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (HUB/DBE): Vendors shall comply with the City of McAllen’s HUB/DBE program requirements, as applicable.

Tax Exempt: The City of McAllen is exempt from all Federal Excise Tax and the State of Texas Limited Sales Excise and Use Tax.

Purchase Orders: Vendors shall not make sales to City employees without a properly authorized purchase order, except when purchased through the City’s P-Card.

Invoicing: In order to receive payment for goods/services rendered, vendors shall submit invoice(s) that contain a complete description of item/service rendered, delivery date, invoice date, and the City’s purchase order number.

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