Drainage Utility Ordinance

The City Commission adopted a Municipal Drainage Utility System on January 8, 2018, and established a fee to be assessed commencing in March 2018. 

The City of McAllen Engineering Department hosted two public meetings (December 18th and 19th) prior to the Public Hearing on January 8, 2018 to provide information and receive feedback on the Drainage Utility Fee Ordinance.  The drainage utility fee creates a funding source for drainage related improvements.  The fee is based on an Equivalent Residential Unit, which is the average impervious cover for single family residential lots in the city of McAllen. 

The calculation considers the size of homes, as well as their patios, driveways and porches to develop this E.R.U.  One E.R.U. is equivalent to 2,700 square feet of impervious cover.  Based on this formula, the proposed fee was adopted at $1.50 per ERU per month.  While some may be less – the minimum to be charged is $1 a month – the maximum to be charged is $75 per month.

The fee will be used to construct drainage improvement projects, including installing new structures, widening ditches, creating storm water detention facilities for those areas already identified as priority by the McAllen City Commission in the City’s Master Drainage Plan.

For more information, contact the City of McAllen Engineering Department at 681-1151.

Important Documents

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