Engineering Department

Mission Statement

The Engineering Department designs, manages and guides the construction of our built environment while ensuring quality and safety to all who visit, live and conduct business within the boundary of our City.


The Engineering Department provides technical support for 21 City departments and various outside agencies. The Department is the record keeper for the City's infrastructure records, as well as an archive for the engineering-related construction drawings (an extensive historical record dating back some 80 years).

The Department, consisting of a staff of 26, is responsible for design and construction management of the City’s infrastructure including: roadways, drainage systems, traffic, utilities, and City buildings. The Department is functionally divided as follows:



The Department is responsible for the design of projects identified in the City's Capital Improvement Projects and related Community Developement Block Grant Projects. Plans are developed in accordance with the City Standard Design Guide to ensure quality and consistent infrastructure.


Construction Projects

The Department provides construction management services to determine if all quality control and quality assurance requirements are met for public infrastructure. All public infrastructure and facilities are inspected to ensure adherence to approved plans and specification.


Development Services

The Department also performs review of proposed streets and drainage requirements for commercial and residential subdivisions. These reviews are a coordinated effort as part of the Development Review Team to allow concurrent review of plans in a timely manner.


Traffic Operations

The Division is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of all traffic signal, pavement marking and signage in the City of Mcallen.


Stormwater Management

The Stormwater management progam aims at educating residents, contractors and developers about the importance of maintaining the quality of stormwater.