Project Clean Neighborhoods is designed to help to clean and beautify neighborhoods. Yellow roll-offs (dumpsters) will be provided at no cost so that citizens may dispose of any broken appliances, bulky items, trash, or debris.

Construction material, food items, or dangerous chemicals will not be accepted.

A cleanup can be scheduled in your area after a neighborhood leader or association member fills out a simple application and collects 15 signatures from the neighbors. Once the application is turned in, we will schedule the date of the cleanup at your convenience. On that weekend, neighborhood residents may dispose of any materials into the yellow roll-offs (dumpsters). 

Yellow dumpsters will be placed in designated areas. The Neighborhood Association or leader, will hand out flyers to residents as to when and where the dumpsters will be placed. At the end of the weekend, the containers will be picked up and materials collected will be disposed of. Neighborhoods are allowed to have one cleanup per year in their area.

Please contact the KMB office at (956) 681-4562, to ensure that an annual cleanup has not yet been set up for your neighborhood. If your neighborhood doesn't have a cleanup set up, we will send you an application to fill out and send back to us. Thank you for your interest in Project Clean Neighborhoods.

Types of problems and where to call for assistance


McAllen Police Department          956-681-2000

Abandoned or Junk vehicles, Noise complaints- late night/early morning

Open air sale of animals                                                                                                               

Emergency          911

City of McAllen Planning Department          956-681-1250

Zoning Code Enforcement

City of McAllen Health and Code Enforcement          956-681-1900

Commercial Vehicles over 80 inches wide parked on residential streets

Illegal dumping/weedy lots, Garage Sale without permit, signs in the ROW

City of McAllen Building Department          956-681-1300

Permits & Inspections Department, Construction without required permits

McAllen Public Utilities          956-681-1600

Water conservation          956-681-1600

Water Leaks          956-681-1717

City of McAllen Engineering Department          956-681-1150

Drainage: Flooding or standing water

City of McAllen Traffic Operations Division          956-681-2700

Obstructions in right of way (streets, alley, or easement)

City of McAllen Public Works Department          956-681-4000

Graffiti, Trash pick-up, streets, sidewalks, drainage

City of McAllen Recycling Center          956-681-4050

Brush and Compost

List of Items accepted in recycling (blue) bins






*Plastics (coded #1 and #2)

*Tin Cans


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we organize one in our neighborhood?

Through a simple application process, your association or neighborhood leader may apply and plan a day for the neighborhood to participate in the clean-up.

Do we need to be members of a neighborhood association?

It is not necessary to have an association, however, help is available through the City of McAllen to form an association in your neighborhood.

How many days can we have the roll-off container?

The containers are placed at the designated locations on Friday afternoon and picked up on Sunday Afternoon.

Is there a minimum participation requirement?

We require 15 signatures from neighborhood residents on the application. It is encouraged that the entire neighborhood participate or a minimum of two continuous streets no less than 200 feet long each.

Who notifies the neighborhood residents of the cleanup?

Either the neighborhood homeowners association or participating residents are responsible for notifying the entire neighborhood.

Is there a fee for this service?

This service is provided by the City of McAllen through Keep McAllen Beautiful at no cost to citizens.

How many cleanups can be held in our neighborhood?

Neighborhoods are allowed to have one cleanup per year in their area.