McAllen Police Department

Clearance Letter Requests

The McAllen Police Department conducts local criminal clearance letters during normal business hours. Clearance letter requests are ONLY created with the subject’s authorization and verification of identification. Any third party requests must be accompanied by a signed and notarized authorization release form from the person being inquired upon. No Clearance letters are performed for persons under the age of 17.

Request for Clearance Letters

Proper identification is required to complete a clearance letter request (i.e. state issued driver’s license, state issued ID, military ID, Resident Alien registration card, and/or Passport). All identification must be current and valid in order to process your request. Copies of proper identification are required for all third party requests. If a request is submitted online, copies of proper identification are required prior to processing.

All Clearance letters are limited only to information found in local McAllen Police Department records. It DOES NOT include any records of other cities, counties, states or in the U.S. For traffic citations & violations, contact the McAllen Municipal Court for disposition letters at (956) 681-2900 or by visiting the McAllen Municipal Court at 1601 N Bicentennial Blvd, McAllen, Tx.

To Obtain Clearance Letters:

• Request by Mail: Download and complete the Public Information Request Form (PDF). Please submit completed Public Information Request Form with a proper identification, a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order payable to the City of McAllen. Please mail your request to:

Attn: Crime Records Unit
McAllen Police Depatment
P.O. Box 220
McAllen, Texas 78505-0220

• Request in Person: The Crime Records Unit is located at 1601 N Bicentennial Blvd, McAllen, Texas, from the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm (Monday – Friday).

• Request Online: File an online request via the city’s Public Information site. Click on the link to file an online Public Information request. McAllen PIR


Services may be paid by cash/check/money order in person and only by check through the mail. Make check/money order payable to the City of McAllen. Do not send cash.

Criminal History Reports Fee Schedule

Report Type Fee
Clearance Letter Record Found: $5.00
No Record Found: $5.00
Certified Clearance Letter $7.00 per letter
Research fee (No Record) $5.00 per letter