Bond Projects: Intersection Improvements

23rd & Jackson, Ebony, Hackberry, and Kendlewood and 10th & Bus.

Design status: Design underway by City staff with completion in May 2017.  As TxDOT is participating with 99% of the construction cost, the State process is required to be followed.  Prior to completion of design and ROW acquisition, an environmental review has been completed and approved in mid September 2017.  ROW acquisition will be the State’s responsibility and is proposed from January 2018 through June 2018.  Thereafter, the projects may be bid out.

  • 23rd Street & Hackberry Avenue
  • 23rd Street & Kendlewood
  • 23rd Street & Jackson Avenue
  • 10th Street & Business 83
  • 23rd Street & Ebony Avenue
  • Tabulated Data