McAllen Public Safety Building Parking Garage

This new parking structure is located behind the McAllen Public Safety Building and will provide 158 parking spaces, of which 134 parking spaces will be designated for the McAllen Police Department units.  An additional 24 parking spaces will be used for the impound lot.  

The second level of the structure will provide 136 parking spaces for staff.  Staff will access the building via a bridge connecting the second level of the parking garage to the existing building.  The façade consists of pre-cast concrete panels.  Perforated panels will be anchored to the structure and will provide a modern look.  The perforated panels will be used to enclose the two stairwells that will be located at each end of the parking structure.  Lighting will be used to accent the stairwells and bridge in the evening hours.

Architectural Firm: Milnet Architectural Services, PLLC
Construction Company: D. Wilson Construction
Original Contract: $2,313,066.00
Original Contract (Days): 152 – Working Days  
Contract End Date Aug. 29, 2019 -Feb. 12, 2020  

The Notice to Proceed was issued on August 29, 2019. The project is 54 working days into construction. Crews have started installing the spandrels and completing shear walls.

In addition, the contractor has installed 35 double-T beams